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North Florida Exports, is an innovative leader in the field of export management and logistics, providing manufacturers with a full-service alternative to employing and managing their own export department. Our goal is to build an international distribution network for leading manufacturers . In a tough, competitive global business environment, you want a dependable supplier who understands your market. We can succeed in organizing your export distribution across a broad range of countries. We know the world. As you expand into new export markets your sales team should be familiar with your prospective buyers and should speak their languages. You want a supplier who you can rely on. You want a supplier who communicates with you on a regular basis, a supplier who replies to your questions quickly to give you the answers you need. A supplier who visits you regularly in your own country. One who delivers product on time. North Florida Exports, offers to you these things and more. Our motto is rapid and impeccable service to our worldwide network of buyers. With over 25 years of experience we operate as the exclusive export department for a select group of factories in the United States and Canada. Our commitment to your success is clear. We shall earn your confidence with a pricing policy which offers to you the most favorable factory direct pricing. After your order is received by us, we manufacture, ship, invoice and deliver your products on a timely basis. We give you direct access to foreign markets at a lower cost than any other available alternative.

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